[VCUTCR] 2018 VCU TCR Project Reloaded X - eXpanded Released!!!
Thursday, November 16, 2017 (09:04:51)

Posted by Vicious

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From the Read Me -

Welcome to the 2018 TCRProject Reloaded X eXpanded Package!

This package includes the 2018 TCR "Lada Cup" as well as the 2018 Super Taikyu Series Mod.

It also includes an updated Legal Screen, Updated Talent files, all required series and championship gdb files and brand new 2018 GT Endurance Tire!!

This package requires the VCUTCR Project Reloaded and Reloaded X packages in order to work properly!!!


Please refer to the other VCUTCR Package read me's for full credits list!!

eXpansion Model Credits: Scorpyo, Sidstalker, Simtek, EEC, Zumlee, Ron123, Sigi, speedster63, Andkorot

eXpansion Track Credits: senormen, ZSwiss, gobi, Piro, motorfx, ilu2404

Shaders: Scorpyo

Additional Credits:

Lada rework, physics updates, 2018 GT Endurance Tire: Test Pilot

Mod Conception, Construction, Paints, Talent Files, etc etc etc: Stephan Gog

Installation Instructions:

As mentioned above - this package requires the TCR project Reloaded and Reloaded X packages in order to work properly!!

Copy and Paste the GameData and UIData folders to your VCU TCR Project GTR2 installation and let it overwrite.

Legal Stuff -
It is NOT permitted to host, post, advertise, hotlink or use any part of this project package or any other associated VCU file outside of VCUnited.org without my permission!!

Lada's, Tires and Taikyu OH MY!

So this package was sort of a surprise and never really was meant to see the light of day as I had felt the VCU TCR Project had that "complete" feel to it, and the original intension was to take the rest of the year off..well things go as they do, and after the learning about the TCR Super Taikyu series, as well as multiple in-depth discussions regarding a newly developed GT tire as well as the Lada's with my good friend Miguel (aka Test Pilot), some tire tests, and the addictive urge I have to create, this package was developed, created, fine tuned and now, released!

The new tire was developed a little while before the last expansion pack was released. But with my head buried in that project, I hadn't had time to really put the screws into it and really give it a full test. Once time allowed, I took it to the track and have to say it's as good if not better then the new TCR tire! It's more realistic tire, which I know may make a few of you cringe, because we've all heard that before and basically it ends making the cars handle horrible. This isn't even close to the case with this new tire!

As in real life, this tire will warm up differently, with different chasis, which also will include the wear rate, which makes this tire have much more "life" in it, then the regular GT tires. With these tires you can't just rush out on to the track and fly around frist time out, you actually have to work the tires in, also if you don't know how to set up a car, now would be a good time to learn (it's not as hard as some make it) because the tire heat and wear is really effected by a good or bad set up.

Now here's the kicker! The AI love this tire! I've done a heap of testing with it, and the AI are more aggresive in passing and racing in general! In fact as I've seen several times, faster cars will actually do as in real racing and jump off the race line to make a pass where the normally would sit behind a slower car, which caused bunch ups and wrecks etc. Yes I know talent files have a lot to do with that, but with the old GT tire(s) I never saw as much passing as I have with this new one. Also the AI tend to stay more competitive longer, which again talent files have something to do with yes, but it's more so now.

Once again I have to thank Miguel for his hard work on developing the new TCR tire and now this new GT tire! He puts a lot of heart and work into what he does, and deserves all the credit in the world for helping to keep the bar raised high for GTR2!!
Thank you my friend!

The Super Taikyo Series Breakdown -
If your not aware of this series, you can check it out here - https://supertaikyu.com

In short it's a TCR Endurance series from Japan, which includes multiple classes of GT and TC cars. The version in this package is a bit of a "edited" version of the real series, containing 3 of the 8 real life classes with one of the classes changed and turned into a "cup" class. Think of it as an experimental version, and as I like to do at the end of each year, it can also be thought of as a "look into the future".

The Class Breakdown goes as follows -

ST-X = GT3 based GT cars

ST-PC = Relaces the ST-2 class and now is a Prototype Cup class that utilizes the Radical SR3's

ST-TCR = TCR Based Touring Cars

There are 6 rounds for the series, each regular race lasting 180 to 200 minutes, with two extended races Suzuka being 4hrs and Fuji lasting 10.

For the regular rounds the Super Taikyu season teams appear (average 25 car field for each race). For the extended events at Suzuka and Fuji, some "guests" arrive to compete. These guests are teams that raced in the 2017 Intercontinental GT series, Blancpain Series, 24hr Series and TCR International Series making the grid sizes grow to 47 at Suzuka and 56 at Fuji!

After all of that, the Lada Cup sort of becomes a bit anticlimactic! =)) But I wanted to get in put into the project, after TP and I talked in length about how great the car was and fun to drive, not to mention he did some great work on the physics which added to it! The series itself is sadly long gone in the real world of racing, but it fit in with the single make support series so well, it was a must to include!

To conclude things, this package also includes a minor update to ETCC championship files. There was a typo..yeah I know, I'm getting fussier with age! =))

So that's about it..for now..
Now get to racin'!!!
Stephan Gog
aka Vicious

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