[VCUTCR] 2018 VCUTCR Project Reloaded "X" Add On RELEASED!!
Tuesday, October 31, 2017 (07:36:25)

Posted by Vicious

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From the Read Me..

Welcome to the 2018 VCU TCR Project "Reloaded X" add on!

This package requires the 2018 VCU TCR Project Reloaded mod to work properly and will add an additional 4 series. It also includes all needed tracks, championship files, talent files, Blue UI and anything else I can't remember or forgot from before.

Credits -
Please refer the read me from the VCU TCR Project Reloaded mod for the full credits.

Reloaded "X" credits -

Models: Merlin, Sigi, Sidstalker, Goresh, ilu2404, Simbin

Tracks: Tantra, Team PBB, Team B.B., Kimmo Kokkonen, derDumeklemmer

Clio Cup physics: Jsmee

Shader Pack - Scorpyo

Paints, Construction, etc: Stephan Gog aka Vicious

(If i have left someone off please contact me so I can add you to the credits!)

Installation Instructions -

Copy and Paste the GameData and UIData folders to your 2018 VCU TCR Project Reloaded mod and let it overwrite.

Legal Stuff -
It is NOT permitted to host, post, hotlink or advertise this package or any other related VCU package outside of VCUnited.org without my permission!!!

A series breakdown of Reloaded X -

The original concept for the TCR project, was to have main TCR series, as well as a host of support series. I admit I got a bit sidetracked with things (which brought about the "Reloaded" mod) and the support series got a bit left behind, with the exception of the XBB's. With things being pretty complete, i felt that there was no better time then now to put together a few add on support series and get them in there!

Let's start with the Euro Cup -
This is based off of the real life Seat Euro Cup, utilizing the current TCR Seat's as well as the ETCC Seat's. The physics are the same as the regular Seats in their respective series, so you won't have any surprises (if you race a Seat) when hopping in to compete in it's championship!

Next there's TCR Formula Jr Series -
This series is based off of several development series, as well as the old Formul BMW series (which is sadly gone) The driver roster is of actual Renault, BMW, Ferrari and Mclaren development or "young" drivers.

Then there's the mysterious "Nordic Cup" -
If your a fan of the STCC series, then I suppose it's not too mysterious since there is an actual Nordic Cup (though it's really called the Formula Nordic Series). However I found limited info on the actual series, and instead of putting them on the Formula BMW's I 'somewhat' revived the old STCC Radical Cup and put the drivers into them.

Finally there's the TCR Clio Cup -
There were so many series options for the Clio Cup, I honestly didn't know where to start. I wanted to tie in, as with all of the series into the whole "TCR" theme, so I went in a bit of a generic route. The drives you may (or may not) notice aren't Clio Cup drivers, they are in fact Formula V8 drivers (with the exception of the VCU and Bamboo Racing teams)

So how did Formula drivers end up in Clio's?

Originally planned was a Formula V8 3.5L series, in fact over 3/4 of the car set was completed. I ran into several issues however with the models I was using, not so much the models themselves, but the physics.
The cars were fast and fun to drive, however they had a slight issue with curbing resulting in instability, and even some flipping over.

I know, I know, I can hear several of you saying "That's not that hard to fix!", in fact I ran into a similar issue with one of the other series, and was able to fix it quick. But I got to thinking about how fast the cars were, and even though it was a spec series, I found myself asking if it "fit" with the entire TCR theme. I put the project on hold 3 times, before finally making the decision to scrap it, moving the driver roster over to the Clio's and the rest, is as it's said - is history!

So there you have it..the VCU TCR Project is now 10 series strong!
Will there be anymore additions?
All I can say is - stay tuned!!
Now, get to racing!!
Stephan Gog
aka Vicious

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