[VCUTCR] 2018 VCU TCR Project "RELOADED" Released!!
Tuesday, October 10, 2017 (23:09:35)

Posted by Vicious

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From the Read Me -

Welcome to the 2018 VCU TCR Project "RELOADED" Mod!!

This is a rebuild/reload of the original VCU TCR Project. You do NOT need anything other then a fresh fully updated GTR2 installation. It requires no other packages, expansion packs, or updates.

It includes the following -

2018 ETCC Mod
2018 KTM XBB Rookies Challenge Mod
2018 TCR International Mod
2018 TCR UK Series Mod
2018 TCR North American Series Mod
2018 TCR World Challenge - Drivers and Teams Championship Mod

It also includes all requires tracks to run each championship, as well as all needed series and championship gdb files, talent files, a TCR desktop icon, new legal screen and also includes the brand new 2018 TCR FWD tire!

Credits -

Model Credits - Models - Simbin, Sigi and The eSr WTCS modding team, Merlin, Sid Stalker and Test Pilot, Strawman Andy, Bjorn, PetraGTC, WSVR, SrFL, Senormen, TMSR

Track Credits - SimBin, Dutch Devil, ilu2404, Stepy, galaxymess, GTI-Heizer, Paulmarc, Gianni Staraz and Igor RadoviƦ, Zwiss, gobi, Taku, motorfx, Team PBB, MMT, Neel Jani, zero-G, racerM, Rainmaker, BillBro, GTR_HabatuZ, Greybrad, gobi, Leejr, NAGP, khan1670, barcika, So-Cal-Racing, antoniog7772, Matt Thompson (RIP)

2018 TCR FWD Tire and additional physic tweaking - Test.Pilot

Original UI "Blue" Background: Luke83 (Animal83)

Advanced Garage menu: Damusto

Showroom Background: zkarz

Pitboard template: mexes

Fixed exe file - Aleksss

Weather patch loader by jtsn

Paints, Mod Conception/Constuction, Talent Files, GDB Files, and all of the other stuff - Stephan Gog

(if I have left someone off, please contact me so you can be added!!!)

Installation Instructions -

As mentioned above, this mod requires nothing but a fresh (patched) GTR2 installation. It is 100% stand alone, and no other expansions or add ons are needed.

Copy and Paste the GameData and UIData folders to your GTR2 installation and let it overwrite.

Let's talk tires ..the reprise -
What has been the plague for touring car racing for so long in GTR2? The Tires! Either they wear way too fast, or the AI cannot adjust, especially under rain conditions. Being the fan of Touring car racing that I am, I knew (as with so many others) This had to be fixed!!! So I approached Miguel aka Test.Pilot a while back and really laid it on thick about how a new tire needs to be developed. He took no time in jumping on this project, and really produced one heck of a great tire!

Firstly the tire will last a full fuel stint and though very durable, yet not invincible. You still have to take some care with the tire, but again, several full fuel stints were run and the tire held up, just like a GT tire would.

Next we now have multiple compounds for a TC tire. In the past we've all seen that they come with two - dry and wet, and during a mixed condition or wet condition race, we've all seen what happens, especially with the AI - they can't adjust and tend to pit right away or bail out of the race all together. This with the multiple compounds is now fixed as well.

Finally, this tire obviously opens up a lot more options as far as Touring Car series/TCR series racing goes. As odd as it may sound, it's also opened up the possibility of a total project rebuild, or ReLoad as I've been known to do in the past. As for opened up options, this tire has the ability to be used in an endurance type series, where you see a TC class or two, add in with GT's, such as the 24hr Series style races for example.

So for sure an extra big Thanks goes out to Miguel for his quick and precise work on this new tire! The skies have cleared and are now wide open!

Now, let's talk about the new VCUTCR Project Reloaded additions -

Along with the ETCC mod, XBB mod, and TCR International there are three new additions to this version.

In 2018 both the UK and North American will get their own TCR series/classes. So why not get a head start on them now? Some who had the orignal package saw a glimpse of the TCR UK series, in which originally was the UK V8 series. This time around, the teams are on "proper" (or available) touring car models, with the same type phyiscs as found in the other TCR series (also including the new tire of course)

As for the TCR North America series, I took TC class teams from the Continental Tire Series and the World Challenge series, as well as included some KTM XBow teams just for a little added flavor.

Finally there's the TCR World Challenge a fictional series, based on the TCR Europe and TCR BeNeLux championships. It's a "best of the best" combining teams from the all three TCR series found in the mod. The race format is a bit different from the regular TCR races, as each race is 80 to 85 minutes long, and will require at least one pit stop.

Legal Stuff -
It is NOT permitted to host, post, advertise, hotlink or use anything from this package, or any other package from VCUnited.org without my permission!!

Now then..get to racing!
Oh..and Happy Halloween!!
Stephan Gog
aka Vicious

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