[YOGT] YOGT 4 - 2018 Michelin World Challenge Released!!
Saturday, May 13, 2017 (07:13:01)

Posted by Vicious

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From the Read Me -

[quote]Welcome to the 2018 YOGT Project pt.4 - 2018 Michelin World Challenge Mod!!

This package includes - 42 2018 World Challenge liveries (4 fictional), a full 26 round championship (13 events split into two races), series tracks with track filters, talent files as well as series gdb files.

Credits -
Please read the previous YOGT read me's for full credits.

Additional Model credits: Nobody 73, Merlin

Additional Track Credits: Motofx, Leejr, ZSwiss, khan1670

Additional Physics Credits: Alexi99

The rest: Stephan Gog

Installation Instructions -

This package REQUIRES that you have the YOGT parts 1-3 installed in order for it to function properly!!!

Copy and paste the GameData and UIData to your YOGT installation and let it overwrite.

A few mod notes -

Class Breakdown:
There are 4 total classes in this mod - GT, GTA, GTS and Cup. The GT class is the standard GT3 class, while GTA is considered the "Amature" or "Gentleman Driver" category. The cars in the GTA class are 10 kilos heavier then the GT's and use a different tire set. The GTS class is the standard GT4 class, while the Cup class, sort of is self explanatory.

The Championship:
The MWC Championship follows the real life World Challenge schedule with two exceptions. The first event takes place in Australia at the Gold Coast street course, and finishes in Mexico. I added these two events in mainly for fun and to enhance the schedule just a bit.

The teams also carry track filters, which means at various races you will only see the GT and GTA classes, while at others you'll see all 4 classes.

Legal Stuff -
This package, as with all VCUnited.org packages, projects, mods, expansions and files are NOT to be hosted, posted, advertised or used outside of VCUnited.org without my permission!!

A final word...
You know, I often use that term - "A Final Word.." and honestly I figured after pt3 I was pretty much done with the project, and even any heavy future mods, with the exception of maybe an expansion or two, but something came over me to get back to work, and continue with things, and even, expand on previous ideas lifting them to an even higher level. I strapped in and in a matter of a few weeks the MWC was done, and work has already begun on eXp3 and ideas are popping in for eXp4!

In short, the "Show" continues....so stay tuned!!

Now, Get to Racin!!
Stephan Gog
aka Vicious

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