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[VCUTCR] 2018 VCU TCR Project Reloaded Complete "Holiday Edition" Released!!!

Friday, December 01, 2017 (11:49:15)

Please click on "Read More" for the full read me..

From the Read Me -

Welcome to the 2018 VCU TCR Project Reloaded COMPLETE Package! *Bonus Holiday Edition*

So what has changed from the previous versions to this one you ask?

For starters this is an all in one package, containing all 12 series previously released from the Reloaded and Reloaded X packages. It also contains one or two minor fixes and tweaks and such, which most probably wouldn't have noticed in the end, but they bugged me!

Most importantly, and the most detailed changes is that it also contains a complete new rebuild of the 2018 TCR Endurance Super Taikyu Mod!! (deeper details can be found further down the read me)

Also added in 2 24hr events - the 24hrs of Suzuka and the 24hr of Fuji

In addition to these changes and additions it also contains a few items, just to fit in with the upcoming holidays, which include a Holiday Legal Screen, as well as a new Christmas Soundtrack. But not to worry, if holiday music isn't your thing, there's bonus content included to replace it with the standard "Complete" legal screen and music. (explained in the "install instructions" portion of the read me)

Credits -
Please refer to the previous release read me's (included in the "Addionals" folder) for the full, and long list of modders who without their hard work this project would not have been possible!

Reloaded "Complete" Model Credits - Izukon, mitch88, zumlee, Scorpyo, aleksss, mexus, alless, Shadow Explorer, racerm, TeamBB, tsmr, Stimpy, and Sigi

Additonal Credit -
New Fixed 4gig exe file - GTR233

Mod development, design, conception, construction, paints etc - Stephan Gog aka Vicious

Installation Instructions -

If you are doing a fresh install -

Once you make the fresh install, in the additonals folder you'll find a list of numbered zip files.
#1 is the standard GTR2 patch - Run it

#2 the No-Cd - copy and paste it to your new fresh install

#3 Lobby Patch - Run it

#4 Weather Patch Loader - copy and paste it to your fresh install

#5 is an all new fixed 4gig exe file which will no longer conflict with the weather patch loader - copy and paste it to your fresh install

Next - Start up the game and create your new profile, set your settings, then close out the game

Finally - Copy and paste the GameData, Music, Shader folders, UIData folder, SRPL_ShaderPack.gfx file, SSTR Shaderpack.gfx files and TCR.ico file to your fresh install and let it (as with all files) overwrite.

After that, fire up GTR2 and get to racing!!

If you do not wish to do a Fresh Install -

First - Load up your VCU TCR Project GTR2, and go through the series select until you are at one of the default GTR2 series, then close out the game.

Next - Open windoes exploerer, go into your VCU TCR GTR2 installation, look in the GameData/Teams folder and delete or remove the 2018 TCR folder.

Once it has been removed - Copy and paste the GameData, Music, Shader folders, UIData folder, SRPL_ShaderPack.gfx file, SSTR Shaderpack.gfx files and TCR.ico file to your fresh install and let it overwrite.

Everything should be good to go at that point (though I recommend a fresh install always..I know how much of a pain it can be)

Removing the "Holiday" portion of the package -

First - Go into the "additonals" folder included with this package.

Next - look for the "TCR Complete Music and Legal Screen" zip file and extract it. Copy the UIData and Music folders to your install and let it overwrite.

This will replace the Holiday music and legal screen with the "complete" set up and music. It will not change any other inner mod files.

Legal Stuff - This package along with all VCU associated mods and package is not to be hosted, posted, advertised, hotlinked or otherwise outside of VCUnited.org without my permission!!


The Super Taikyu Rebuild!

A few years back, I had a very long detailed conversation about the state and growth of GTR2 with my long time and very close friend Emiko Yamamoto. Some of you may remember her as Izukon. I know there was a bit of a mess when she suddenly passed away, a lot of accusations were thrown about, and I found the whole time very depressing, because it sadden me, regardless of the circumstances, that one of the nicest people I have ever met, one of my closest friends, not to mention of the best modders out there, and someone who never hesitated to contribute, even if it was just helpful advice to those learning about GTR2, was gone.

She had sent me from time to time, a few beta's and even an alpha or two of models that when completed, topped most of what was out at the time. I felt really privlaged to have her work shared with me, and promised her one day I wanted to build a complete series, using her fantastic work. Sadly she was gone before we knew it, and it just never came to be..until now.

The original build of the Super Taikyu series was a test of sorts mixing in a new idea, new tires, as well as the initial learning about the real life series. It originally included "guests" for the bigger events, and was missing a majority of ST classes.
The more I learned about the series, the more I wanted to expand and fix the mod, which has now happened.

The guests are gone from the series, and replaced with actual ST teams in the classes they are supposed to be in. By doing this, the class count went from 3 to 7 with a large variety of cars now available.
Another change was each standard race should be even more competitive, since the field has grown up to 30 per standard race, with classes consisting of the top "GT" teams (STX, ST1, ST2, and ST3)

One thing that didn't change was the ST2 class, which in the orignial mod were classed as STPC. They're still Radicals but now show as ST2 as they should.

Beyond that there are one or two tweaks and balances made to the classes to raise the competition level up even more then it was before.

In closing, I want to say, that this is a long overdue tribute and heartfully dedicated to my friend Emiko aka Izukon..not a day goes by where you are not missed!

Now then, Get to Racin!!
And a Happy and Safe Holidays To You and Yours!
Stephan Gog
aka Vicious